Commercial rental

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Here is the information about the rent for commercial booths during the Festival.
We have two types of location.
1- Rent a booth under the Festival jurisdiction.
2- Rent a booth with private residents.

In both cases, the booths are on the site.

For booths leased under the jurisdiction of the Festival:

1- A waiting list is started on February 1st each year.
2- In May and June, the renewal of all contracts in the previous year are renewed. If booths become available, a selection is made from the waiting list according to two criteria : the date of registration and the type of products sold.
3- The cost of a 10 X 10 booth can vary between 1500$ and 2500$. It does not include taxes and municipal permit which costs 600$ to 2500$. (Prices subject to change)

For booths leased by private residents:

1- The procedure is to come directly to St-Tite in May or June and go door to door to know the availability of booths. (A city map is available at the main office of the Festival Western, 581, St-Paul Street, office 107 during the opening hours)
2- The cost of a 10 X 10 booth can vary between 1500$ and 5000$ depending on the type of products sold. In general, these prices do not include the cost of municipal permits and sales taxes if they apply.

If more information were needed, or to add your name on the waiting list, you can reach us at 1 877 493-7837 or e-mail
For information about municipal permits and regulations, contact the City of Saint-Tite at 1 418 365-5143.