Green actions

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The Western Festival efforts for Sustainable Development

In a conscious effort to reduce its environmental footprint, the Festival Western de St-Tite took a significantly green turn in 2008, and made sustainable development one of its priorities. The Festival’s main objective is to incorporate sustainable development into organizational culture, which will lead to increased awareness on the part of employees and volunteers, and act as a guide to decision-making, be they decisions of an environmental, social or economic nature.

Environmental changes :

Use of recyclable paper for a large quantity of our communicational publications ;
Unused stationery from past years is converted into notepads ;
Use of email and the web site instead of faxes ;
Hazardous material recovery e.g. batteries on-site and at our offices ;
Installation of recycling bins on-site ;
Recyclable beer glasses ;
Installation of a BIONEST wastewater treatment system (inspired by nature) ;
Construction and addition of new comfort stations, including existing rentals;
In 2009, the Festival and the town of St-Tite collaborated to recycle all paper and cardboard from the site. To do so, they installed numerous public recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastic and metal on the Festival site. As a result, a measurable reduction in the quantity of refuse during the 10 days of activities;
Another noteworthy choice was the use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper to print our 90 000 programme brochures. In this fashion, we reduced our environmental footprint to the tune of:
67 trees
1 946 kg of solid waste
183 090 litres of water
12,2 kg of suspended solids
4 250 kg of atmospheric emissions
277 m3 of natural gas

Your participation :

Help us reduce the Festival Western de St-Tite’s environmental footprint by taking the following simple steps:

Throw any plastic glasses and glass containers into the nearest recycling bin ;
Avoid traffic and parking woes by carpooling. No matter how you get to the Festival, we encourage you to travel safely. Please drink responsibly and stay safe.

We know there is much more to do, and we welcome your suggestions and comments to help the Festival Western de St-Tite to become even more environmentally conscious in the years ahead.

Our community and social sector :

In the scope of its mission as a corporate citizen, the Festival Western de St-Tite, in collaboration with the Galaxie music network, stages the Prix Étoiles Galaxie which encourages up and coming Quebec talent in French Country music.

For a second consecutive year,the Festival Western de StTite joined with Wrangler to present “Tough Enough to Wear Pink?“. This event encourages cowboys and fans to “buy pink” and wear pink in an effort to raise money toward breast cancer research. The total amount collected for 2008 was 10 000$, which was donated to a local organization called “Centre du sein amitié santé 04” that provides assistance to women facing the challenge of breast cancer.

The Festival Western de St-Tite continues its social presence by holding Centaide Western Day. This all-in-one package originating in Montreal includes train fare, meals and rodeo tickets, and is made possible in collaboration with the CN Charity Fund, Via Rail and other organizations. This year, a total of 50 792$ was shared betwen Centraide Mauricie and McHappy Day.

The event organizers frequently work in co-operation with different organizations and business partners to consolidate social alliances. The Festival helps the community by providing sources of financing and visibility. Directly or indirectly through the event, more than thirty associations throughout the region accumulate more than 500 000$ through the operation of food or beverage stands, transforming parking lots into campsites, and through carrying out the job of cleaning or supplying technical support to those sites.

Economic sector :

Purchase and/or rental of material from local and regional suppliers;
Creation of 756 full-time jobs* ;
Economic spin-off of more than 50,5 million dollars at the provincial level in 2007*.

*Study conducted byIpsos Descarie andt CFM Stratégies.

Overall, the Festival adheres to management best practices that foster sustainable development. By doing so, The Festival will continue its efforts to become a greener event, and maintain its sustainable development activities.