Who are we?

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Rodeo as a sport is over a century old. Various legends, myths and stories surround this special world which left its mark on America. As is true for society in general, the sport has evolved. Although cowboy mystique is alive and well, so too is the false information conveyed. For these reasons, The Festival Western St-Tite undertook to promote the welfare for all competing animals. In fact, we made animal welfare one of our priorities over 15 years ago.

As a result, we decided to become frontrunners and establish our own rules and ways of doing things in terms of animal welfare. Despite rodeos’ inherent conservatism, we choose to lead with the implementation of a control system to evaluate the animals’ physical condition through Vet-Checks (veterinary exams), as well as by enforcing stricter rules for some disciplines.

We recognize that we must put our own rules and procedures in place which allow us to protect not only our event, but also to preserve the heritage of rodeo in North America. We therefore undertake to preserve an optimal state of health for all animals competing. We respect our equine and bovine athletes as much as we do our human ones. It is important to mention that rodeo horses and bulls are raised expressly for the sport, and that the owners have been using the best possible animals for generations, as is the case for all animal breeders.

Note that a team of veterinarians is on location before, during and after any event to inspect participating animals on all our competition sites. Furthermore, approximately thirty employees are responsible for animal care, transport, handling and welfare. Over 18 volunteers take care of arena maintenance so that the animals can perform in the safest environment possible.


The Festival Western de St-Tite’s twofold mission is to produce professional rodeos and activities aimed at re-creating an authentic Country Western atmosphere. While offering an incomparable ambiance, our goal is to maximize major socio-economic and tourist spinoffs for the town of St-Tite, Mekinac County and the entire St-Maurice Valley region. At the same time, we strive to widen our outreach at an international level.


To be a model of excellence for Eastern North America in two domains; producing world class rodeos and organizing Country Western events.


Everything we do at the Festival Western de St-Tite is informed by a strong set of core values. These values are shared by each and every member of the organization as well as by all individuals involved in contributing to the Festival’s success.


Promotes honesty


Promotes courtesy


Promotes mutual aid


Promotes harmonious relationships


Promotes a sense of duty


Promotes the preservation of organizational interests


  • 7 million dollar annual budget;
  • 75% of our revenue is internally generated;
  • 30 permanent and seasonal employees;
  • 650 volunteers;
  • 600 000 annual visitors from all over Quebec, but also from Western Canada, the United States and Europe;
  • Since 1999, the Festival Western de St-Tite rodeos have won the “Best Outdoor Rodeo in North America” prize awarded by the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA).


  • Value-added wealth creation for the province of Quebec reaching $18 million
  • The activity generated by targeted tourist spending represents the equivalent of 387 jobs/year
  • The economic impact of targeted tourist generated spending for 2010 represented $48million



On average, a Festival Western of St-Tite visitor is:

3.7 DAYS
spends on the site

12.2 HOURS
per day

years old



  • said they liked their experience very much or enough
  • would recommend St-Tite to their family and friends
  • will return next year

Following their direct or indirect involvement with our event, over thirty regional associations made almost half a million dollars by operating food and beverage concessions, by turning parking lots and private property into camp sites, by cleaning or giving on-site technical support to the Festival.

Our involvement in the Centraide Western charity activity allows over $50,000 to return to Centraide Mauricie.

For more information, see the highlights of the 49th edition!


  • Madam Julie Adam
  • Madam Danielle Asselin
  • Mr Michel Aubichon
  • Mr Sylvain Bédard
  • Madam Josée Bédard
  • Madam Nicole Bédard
  • Mr André Boulet
  • Madam Julie Boulet
  • Mr Reynald Boulet
  • Mr Pierre Buist
  • Mr Yves Caron
  • Mr Richard Champagne
  • Mr Michel Champagne
  • Mr Jean-Paul Charette
  • Madam Sonia Charrette
  • Mr René Cloutier
  • Mr Sylvain Bourgeois
  • Mr Harty Délisle
  • Mr Jean-Jacques Désaulniers
  • Mr Réjean Gagnon
  • Mr Pierre Gauthier
  • Mr André Gélinas
  • Mr Gaétan Grenier
  • Mr Claude Grosleau
  • Mr Roger Hamelin
  • Mr Pierre Hélie
  • Mr Gaétan Jacob
  • Mr Pierre-Louis Jacob
  • Madam Cornelia Jucker
  • Mr Claude Lafontaine
  • Mr Christian Lafrance
  • Mr André Léveillé
  • Mr Gaétan L’Heureux
  • Mr Yves-Marie Moreau
  • Madam Josette Naud
  • Mr Claude Parent
  • Mr Mario Périgny
  • Mr René Plamondon
  • Mr Michel Pothier
  • Madam Diane Rae
  • Madam Annie Saulnier
  • Madam Josée St-Pierre
  • Mr Gaétan Tessier
  • Madam Odette Thiffeault
  • Mr Gilles Veillette

Administrative Board

  • Mr Francis Trépanier, President
  • Mr Gilles Gignac, 1er Vice-President
  • Madam Isabelle Tessier, 2ème Vice-President
  • Madam Marie-Eve Tremblay, Secretary treasurer
  • Madam Annie Saulnier, Administrator
  • Mr Benoit Caouette, Administrator
  • Mr Christian Jacob, Administrator

Organizing Committee

  • Madam Isabelle Tessier
  • Madam Marie-Josée Bédard
  • Mr Jean-François Charrette
  • Mr David Moreau
  • Madam Julie Gentes
  • Madam Nancy Leblanc
  • Mr Hugues Carpentier
  • Madam Annick Guillemette
  • Madam Chantale Charrette
  • Madam Manuella Perron
  • Mr Benoît Montreuil


  • Madam Diane Bédard
  • Madam Josée Bédard
  • Madam Isabelle Bournival
  • Mr Sébastien Dubois
  • Madam Johanne Harvey
  • Mr Robert Leduc
  • Madam Johanne Lemay
  • Madam Suzanne Neault
  • Madam Kim Rivard
  • Madam Fanny Salois
  • Madam Odette Thiffeault
  • Madam Josée St-Pierre
  • Mr André Boulet
  • Mr Pierre Frigon


  • Pascal Lafrenière, General Manager
  • Serge Roberge, Assistant General Manager
  • Anne-Marie Lemire, Development Coordinator
  • Geneviève Frappier, Communications Coordinator &  Music Shows Team
  • Gisèle Morin, Office Clerk
  • Guy Goyette, Assistant Foreman
  • Hélène Girard, Financial Controller and Brand Manager
  • Jacques Tessier, Foreman
  • Mathieu Gélinas, Operations Assistant
  • Mélanie Comtois, Executive Secretary  and Music Shows Team
  • Mélissa Dessureault, Receptionist
  • Mylène Carpentier, Sponsorship  Coordinator
  • Sonya Vallée, Ticket Sales  Coordinator
  • Sylvain Bourgeois, Rodeo Manager

Field Team

  • Gaétan Beaupré
  • Ghislain Bureau
  • Luc Jobin
  • Gilles L’Heureux
  • Francis Moreau
  • Paul Pageau
  • Marc Pronovost
  • Yves Quirion
  • Timothé Brunelle