• Local purchasing policy;
  • Exemplary work of the maintenance company;
  • Recycling, composting and shorting centre on the site;
  • The number of recycled cans has reached 83% cans bought on all our sites;
  • Designed to last longer, posters and displays have been reduced, reused and printed on recyclable materials;
  • An SMS service submits the programming every day to the festival-goers;
  • A parking of 800 places with shuttle service is available at the entrance of the city.


For more than 50 years now, St-Tite Western Festival shines in the heart of its community. In addition to contributing to the vitality of local businesses and improve quality life of St-Tite’s residents, the Festival generates an economic impact of 45 million annually. Not only through its local purchasing policy, but thanks to a philosophy focused on community support, it allows for concrete changes and major differences within organizations in the region.

Following direct or indirect involvement in the event, more than thirty associations of the region raise nearly half a million dollars in operating food and beverage concessions, in turning land into parking lots and / or camping lands, performing cleaning tasks or technical assistance on the Festival sites. Two organizations benefit mainly from considerable aid, namely the Séjournelle women’s shelter and Centraide Mauricie.


With the involvement of its 130 volunteers, the Séjournelle women’s shelter in Shawinigan, gathered for the cause of women and children victims of domestic violence, ensures the sale of beverages and food at Coors Banquet Grandes Estrades. The profits related to this involvement amount to almost $ 60,000. This large amount guarantees them a significant source of income.

Funds raised by tips and some of the sales are used to renovate the shelter and to have a resource on an annual basis. The Festival is proud to contribute to the continuity of this organization.

Note that the concessions and kiosks of beverages widespread in the city during the festivities are under the responsibility of various local organizations. The impacts of these implications allow them to achieve several activities and meet many needs, going from a school trip to hiring a professional resource.


The Western Centraide activity values the close link between St.Tite Western Festival and the Mauricie community. It is therefore with great pleasure that the Festival allows a young person from the region to live an unforgettable dream in the land of cowboys. With his family, the child lives an extraordinary experience thanks to a special treatment. In addition to travelling on the Centraide Western train, from Montreal, the family has the chance to attend a rodeo from the Salon des Presidents.

When the train arrives at St.Tite station, a horde of bandits, riding their horses, in order to steal from the travellers and spectators. All donations collected are handed to the Centraide Mauricie organization. Every year it’s an average of $ 35,000 that is collected.

This activity is made possible in collaboration with the CN Charity FundVia RailCentraide Mauricie and Pylex, who supervises horserider’s work.


In the scope of its mission as a corporate citizen, the Festival Western de St-Tite, in collaboration with the Stingray music network and the SOCAN, stages the Prix Étoiles Galaxie which encourages up and coming Quebec talent in French Country music. Singer-songwriters, here’s your chance to shine and win our grant.


Since 18 years, our rodeo school encourages sport’s succession. During two weekends, qualified trainers share their experiences to contestant of all ages. On this initiative, the number of young quebec’s contestants at International Finals Rodeo as extremely increased.