Event description:

  • Calves are given a head start out of the chute;
  • If the cowboy or his mount leave the chute early and break the fence, a 10-second penalty is added to their time;
  • Once out of the chute, the cowboy throws his loop as soon as possible to catch the animal’s head;
  • He must then dismount, throw the calf to the ground and tie any three legs together;
  • Time stops only once the rider in back on his mount and the tie holds for 5 seconds.

More information:

  • Contestants must own or lease their horse;
  • Best time wins;
  • Calves weigh in average 120 Kg (250 lbs.);
  • The rope used for tying the legs is called “pigging string” and measures 6-foot in length;
  • Stem races (Corriente or Longhorn) are more resistant that traditional farm cattle.